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Fim de Ano é ótima oportunidade de investir na transição de empregos 05/11/2013

Posted by Pedro Carvalho in Editorial.

Mas, quem é que disse que o mundo do emprego pára em Dezembro? Poderia até haver alguma redução nas atividades, mas, primeiro, elas nunca cessam, e, segundo, há, em contrapartida, menos pessoas buscando emprego. O profissional brasileiro que está em transição deve saber que vem havendo hoje uma melhoria no mercado de busca de profissionais. O número de vagas ofertadas vem crescendo nos últimos meses, a economia tem apresentado melhora gradativa.

Aproveito para divulgar abaixo uma série de testemunhos, que confirmam isto

Até a próxima edição!

Até a próxima Edição!

Pedro Carvalho

Centro de Carreira dos Ex-Alunos da GV

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Artigo de WetFeet: Job Search Myths – em um trecho relata:

There is no point in conducting a job search during the summer or in December because companies aren’t hiring then.
This is absolutely ridiculous. In fact, during the summer, business people are more casual and “laid back” in their attitudes and approaches. They don’t tend to be as immersed in stressful projects. What a great time to approach people! In December, companies may be focused on bringing someone on board before the new calendar or fiscal year. People are in a much more celebratory mood during this time of year and December offers lots of opportunities for networking.

Artigo de John M. O’Connor (President – – Career Pro Inc.) – em um trecho relata:

How would you like to wake up on the morning of January 2nd, a solid job offer in hand, while the rest of the job seekers are just getting started on their search? Do you think it’s too late for that? If so, you’re almost right. But if you get started immediately, you can get your foot squarely in the door while everyone else is out shopping, drinking egg nog or worse yet, lamenting the Layoffs, the Stock Market, and whatever doom and gloom news that gets circulated. Contrary to the popular refrain, “the holidays” are a golden time to look for a job, and a number of opportunities will be gone if you wait until after the New Year.

Artigo de Daniel Moran  (President – – Next Act) – relata:

Holiday Job Search: Jobs don’t go away – job seekers do.

Thanksgiving is over. The turkey is gone. We are officially in the “holiday season”. The time of the year when parties abound, there are presents to buy and the time of the year when no one finds a job – an often repeated mantra or myth.

Diffusing the Myth

The true fact is this: Companies continue to hire during the holiday season but job hunters quit looking. As a recruiter and corporate human resources executive — and my colleagues will attest to this — job openings continue (if not increase) during December just when many job seekers put their resume on the shelf for the holiday season.

There is no statistical proof that there are fewer new job openings in the month of December versus other time of the year. In fact, many say it is just the opposite. While holiday parties and more time off this time of the year may slow the hiring process, there is little impact to the day-to-day business operations – and that includes hiring. Hiring isn’t driven by a calendar, it is driven by need.

Many companies want to tie up loose ends – and that means hiring

In many companies, hiring actually heats up in December as managers and business owners have money left in their budgets and want to spend their budget rather than potentially losing it. Other companies want their team in place and ready to go in January, so they recruit and hire now. Still others want to tie up loose ends before the end of the year – and this includes filling open positions.

Many are also surprised to learn that the holiday season is also a popular time for people to give their notice and move on, to get a fresh start in a new job for the New Year. Some receive year-end bonuses and leave right after; still others just want the extra time to be with family & friends. The result – more job opportunities for others.

Six Tips for Your Holiday Job Search

So, before you buy into the myth, put your resume on the shelf and don your dancing shoes, consider the following actions:

  • Use holiday events as networking opportunities – Every event, party, children’s school function, church gathering etc. is an opportunity for you to network, make a new contact. During the holidays there are generally more events – and more opportunities!
  • Volunteer and make new contacts – There are so many ways to get involved with a charity or group during the holiday season. Often the pillars of the community either attend or help at these events and for you, which means an opportunity to make great contacts – and give back to the community at the same time.
  • Rather than holding back on search activities – heat up your actions – While I hope I have enlightened you to keep the search activities going, others still won’t and there will be less competition and fewer candidates giving you a better competitive opportunity.
  • Close down loose ends – contacts, follow-ups, applications – What better time of the year to close down your “to do” list of contacts and follow-ups and tie up you own loose ends.
  • Make yourself flexible & available and keep in contact – What is miserably frustrating to a recruiter is the inability to get in touch with potential candidates who “check-out” during holiday weeks. They just don’t check their email and messages go unreturned. Check your email daily (if not more often) and keep some flexibility in your calendar for interview opportunities.
  • Set goals – celebrate wins – visualize success – You may have heard the expression “You cannot manage what you cannot manage”. In career & job search, it is critical that you set goals to keep you focused, and set daily actions to achieve your goals, especially when outside factors – like holiday activities – can be distracting.  I utilize the Get Hired NOW! methodology with my clients which focuses on goal setting, drives results through doing simple and planned actions everyday, and celebrates the achievement of goals. As an idea, set a goal for making X-number of networking contacts this holiday season — and celebrate when you hit your goal!


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