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Job Searching and Tips when moving to Brazil

Authent® and Career Center Alumni GV is pleased to set up these exclusive online careers helping tools platform for all you wanting to come to live and work in Brazil. Whether you are a returning Brazilian or other nationality making plans to move and work in Brazil, you may find this very useful.

Overview – What you should know when searching for jobs in Brazil. Our presentation, step by step:

Big Country, Big Pay CheksBrasil tem os Maiores Salarios no Mundo dos Executivos

Some tips about Brazil:

If you are either Brazilian or foreigner about to pack and move down here. You may find the following information usefull:

Cost of living Brazil? if you are comming to live in Sao Paulo.

Tips on Getting Work Visa: To foreigners living in Brazil

Doing Business in Brazil: a useful guide set up by someone who, after some years of experience on trade and investments and developing projects of all sizes, including some very large cross-border ones, assisting foreign companies doing business in Brazil, have decided to share knowledge and thoughts on the country.

Would you like help to get jobs in Brazil? Let me know, e-mail me (Pedro Carvalho) at  pedro@authent.com.br



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[…] Moving to Brazil? if you are comming to live in Sao Paulo. […]

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